Cutting and Styling

Begin with your complimentary consultation before a single strand is cut. Find out how wonderful it can be to work with an artist who listens to what you want, counsels you on what to expect, and knows how to give it to you. Experience the Eden difference.

Haircut with Shampoo and Style $43 and up
Shampoo and Style $28 and up
Special Occasion or Up-Do $63 and up
Men’s Cut and Style $28 and up
*Flat iron or curl are extra $17 and up

Color Enhancement

Let’s talk about your hair…What you want to see. What thrills you. We’ll make sure you begin and end with healthy, beautiful hair. And here’s something new and different: we’ll let you know how much your services will cost before we start! That’s just one way for you to experience the Eden difference.

Whether coloring your hair has become second nature or you’re embarking on your maiden voyage into uncharted hair color territory, it’s good to know your options…and boy, are there options!

Hair Color $59 and up
Brow Tint $16 and up

Brow Tint is included with any hair color service.

Color Correction is our specialty and is priced after your complimentary 15-minute consultation


After your complimentary consultation with our experienced artist, retexturing is performed with the most appropriate solution available for you.  Wave treatments are for soft volume or texture and we don’t recommend them for color-treated hair because we care.

Permanent Waves $81 and up
Specialty Waves $131 and up
Specialty Waves, Long/Thick Hair $161 and up
Grey Blending $28 and up
Consultation (required) Complimentary


We’ve heard you can change your life simply by changing your look. We may have even experienced that ourselves, a time or two! Whether you desire long hair, full hair, or hair with volume and substance, let’s talk about Volmor hair extensions. They align with the Aveda color wheel and are available here at Eden.
Even a small change can bring about big results so if you are in need of a change, play with a different look…just because you can!
VoMor Extensions $170 and up