Did ‘ya miss us?

04 Sep Did ‘ya miss us?

517 W main. Downtown. Arts District. We just couldn’t stay away. Three years ago, we closed downtown’s favorite Aveda Salon. For those of you that remember, Project 180 was so well orchestrated that at one point, every single street surrounding us was closed. Not just barricades or little orange cones, but gone. Scraped to the dirt, no sidewalks…nothing. It killed us and the best Italian restaurant in the whole city, the Trattoria Il Centro. IMG_2669IMG_0064Well, the contractors are gone. The streets(and sidewalks) are back. It even looks like they may just leave that part of downtown alone for a while. Oh, and buh bye to the Union Bus Station. Come see us. We have our regular hours. The phone number is even the same(how did we know to hang on to that?) 405-231-4772


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