Online Video Consultation – Step 1

your ideal hair appointment


Eden's new video consultation lets you create a hair service plan with our pros before you ever step foot in the salon.


Save time and get the look you want.


When you have questions or concerns about hair treatments, or want to know whether a service is right for you, book a video conference with an Eden Salon stylist.


We’ll review your options, give our recommendations and set your next appointment up for success.


To get started, please answer this short questionnaire and we’ll schedule you for an online session with one of our stylists.*

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    *We will contact you via your preferred method at the time of your booked appointment.
  • *Enter your preferred contact information from the choice selected in the previous question.

*$25 video consultation fee will be credited toward the service you choose. Online video consultations are available only at our Warwick Drive location.