6 Tricks You Can Steal From Your Hairdresser

22 Oct 6 Tricks You Can Steal From Your Hairdresser

1 One Word…Restyle. You don’t have to shampoo your hair every day. If you have a good thing going, just dampen your fingers and run them through your hair and restyle. Go easy on the product, but if you have a dry shampoo, you can make glorious volume with a little judicious dab here and there.

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2 VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME   When you dry, start with a gel or root lift at the scalp and bend over. Dry about 75% of the way and come back upright. Style as usual. If you are just going out and not wet, do the bend over and hit the underside of your hair with a little(little is an interesting concept. It means a small amount. You’ll know immediately if you’ve over done things) hairspray and tousle into place.


3 It’s Opposite Day  Cure an errant cowlick or wave with over correction This means if you have a stray swatch of hair defying your will, instead of trying to force it to do what it simply won’t, go with what it’s doing and then correct. What you’re trying to accomplish is easier if your hair is beaten into submission first, then gently styled.


4 Pin Up Girls  Gotta have those bobby pins? Put a little hairspray on them before using and they’l hold a jillion times better. Put them on a tissue and give them a quick spritz, let dry for a minute. PS it’s wavy side down with bobby pins. You’re welcome


5 Brush Me Off  Brush before you get in the shower to reduce tangles and keep your drains cleaner. You know what we mean when we say that 90% of breakage occurs when you are ripping through your mane after a shower, trying to detangle


6 Let It Sit Have you ever read the back of the conditioner bottle? It asks(pleads is more like it) you to allow the conditioner to absorb into the hair for 5-10 minutes. They ask this in hopes you’ll give them at least 2 to 3 minutes. So here’s your new routine. Shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner, do everything else you do in the shower, rinse conditioner.

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